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Knowledge Processing Outsourcing

Outsourcing of Job That Require Knowledge, Skill, Expertise. The Work In KPO Involves Process Like Market Research, Survey Analysis, Data Mining Etc. Knowledge Process Outsourcing Or KPO Is A Subset Of BPO. KPO Involves Outsourcing Of Core Functions Which May Or May Not Give Cost Benefit To The Parent Company But Surely Helps In Value Addition. The Processes Which Are Outsourced to KPO’s Are Usually More Specialized and Knowledge Based As Compared To BPO’s.

KPO Involves Outsourcing Work To Individuals That Typically Have Advanced Degrees And Expertise In A Specialized Area. KPO Is Different From Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Which Is The Outsourcing Of Work To A Third Party To Save Money. Although KPO Is A Subset Of BPO, KPO Involves More Specialized, Analytical, And KnowledgeBased Work. Companies Utilize KPO When They Are Looking For Specialized Knowledge And Expertise And When They Have A Shortage Of Skilled Professionals. However, Companies That Engage In KPO Offshore Are Typically Doing So To Reduce Costs By Hiring Skilled Workers Earning Lower Wages In Another Location.

Ideally, Companies Look To KPO To Simultaneously Obtain A Highly-Skilled Workforce At A Lower Cost. KPO Can Help Companies Reduce The Costs Of Their Operations Or Producing Their Products And Services. KPO Also Fills The Gap Or Need For Skilled Employees In A Particular Field. KPO Also Frees Up Existing Staff Including Management To Do Other Work Boosting Efficiency And Productivity. The Flexibility That Comes With KPO Allows A Company To Increase Or Reduce Staff Easily. For Example, If Economic Conditions Worsen, A Company Can Easily Reduce Its KPO Staff To Cut Costs. Conversely, A Company Can Quickly Hire Specialized Staff To Boost Profits Or Revenue. KPO Helps A Company To Be More Nimble And Adapt To The Changes In Its Industry And Competitive Landscape.

VIA provides following Kpo services

  • Financial consultants
  • Research and development
  • Business operations
  • Hr services
  • Technical analysis
  • Investments
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Hematology
  • Transport of samples
    Transport of samples
  • Storage of samples
    Storage of samples
  • Industrial packaging
    Industrial packaging
  • Biología Molecular
    Biología Molecular

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