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About Us

We as VIA Holdings devoted to improve people’s quality of lifestyle for idea, we are been pouring our energy into healthy and hygiene sector and unceasingly researching and developing healthy and eco friendly products that are suitable for the modern lifestyle.

Our aim is to present the people with a good product which is excellent in quality. We request you to give organizations coming under you to give these products and realize the difference.


VIA Holdings specializes in many kinds of pneumatic products, medical lab accessories, shoes, automatic perfume dispensers, digital purification dispensers and their refills with all kinds of French fragrances. Our products are exported to Maldives, Australia, Middle East and other countries worldwide. We have widespread in Sri Lanka and in the global market.

Gladiator shoes is a World No: 3 brand. This can be used for any industry. This is an internationally popular item. This is used in more than 20 countries and is a very light shoe which is not heavy at all. Our organization is the sole agent for this in Sri Lanka. We are in possession of many different items with many different colours. There is a big demand for school shoes and confidence in the products.

We guarantee our products with high quality international standards and continue to improve the technology in order to meet people's modern lifestyle.

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    Transport of samples
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    Storage of samples
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